We will be diving in The Arctic in August!

With no dive centres, Greenland is not an easy place to organise things like SCUBA cylinders. Through our network we have managed to get in touch with a guy in a town called Sisimiut who will be able to help us out.

Earlier this week we announced a proposal for our plans to film in The Arctic this August. Thanks to your support we’ve already reached our first goal of $250! We will be able to hire tanks and weights for this trip, two essential pieces of equipment that we are unable to bring along. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thankyou to everyone who has contributed so far.

Yesterday we also Skyped with the skipper of the sailing boat we will be joining in Greenland. Right now he is in Virginia and he plan on leaving later this month with a small crew to make the journey North. He seemed very determined to get the boat up there and explained to us that once he reached Nuuk (capital of Greenland), he is happy to be flexible with his plans.

We explained our desires to reach Disko Bay as per our proposal and he liked the idea but explained that that a lot will depend on the wind. Other members of the crew who will be joining the expedition have expressed a great deal of interest in visiting local Indigenous communities in Greenland. We are excited at the possibilities of this trip and appreciate all of you guys who are helping make this happen.

Our next goal through Patreon will enable us to take along solar chargers for our electronic equipment. We recently found out that the ship we will be boarding was stuck by lightning and will need some electrical work. Since we rely heavily on electricity to charge our camera batteries etc. we want to make sure that we are not put in a situation that we are unable to film.

We have looked at some affordable high quality solar chargers that will mean guaranteed charging (we will have almost 24h/day of sunlight). This will also mean in our downtime we will be able to use our laptops to edit footage as we go, giving us the opportunity to release videos within a short timeframe of events unfolding on this expedition.

To learn more about our expedition, click the link below. By contributing $1 or more, you will gain access to a special private feed of our progress in the build up and during this expedition. We look forward to sharing this exciting experience with you.

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