Recording underwater voice-overs made easy

OTS Mask with Sony Recorder

> Back in 2013 I experimented recording audio transmitted through the OTS Guardian mask + BuddyPhone, directly plugged into a Sony audio recorder.

OTS Mask

The recorder had a lot of controls and settings. Using a trial and error technique, I recorded audio over about 15 individual dives but never managed to come up with audio I quality was happy with. I played around with my audio through some post processing software but after a while the inhale *screech* was just too much to handle and I moved on to other projects.

OTS Mask

>On my latest expedition with The Khaled Bin Sultan’s Living Oceans Foundation
>I decided to search for an easier solution.

>Strapping a BuddyPhone reciever to a GoPro Hero3+ with a few cable ties has given me the simplest and highest quality audio for underwater communications yet.

I took a bunch of cable ties and strapped a GoPro to a Buddy Phone Receiver. Straight away the results were great. In this video the audio is straight off the GoPro with no editing just a bit of music faded underneath. I can highly recommend this method for an easy way to record audio using the OTS mask and BuddyPhone.