Sam Owen

Sam Owen is a marine biologist with several years of experience as a technical scientific diver in challenging and overhead environments. Sam is an experienced boat handler and has worked on a number of underwater projects in Australia and overseas.

Sam Owen

Matt Mckay

Matt Mckay is underwater on a daily basis and has over three thousand dives of experience on the Great Barrier Reef alone. His recent work involved six months of diving in the Pacific Islands.

Matt Mckay Ocean Imaging

Services and Pricelist

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Video Shoot
Equipment & Videographer (6h/Day) 399
– Extra hr 50
– Dive Fee 199
– Interview (5 min) 99
– Interview Extra minute 20
– Overnight Fee 49
*Travel costs project specific

Editing and Online Licensing
Preview Video (1 minute) 199
Preview Video (48h process) 299
Short Video (1-4 minute) 299
Short Video (48h process) 399
Extended Video (4-10 minute) 499
Audio Licensing
1 Track 49
2 Tracks 79
3 Tracks 109
Custom 139
Media Services
25 High Resolution Images (Pre Order) 249
Scientific Blog Article (250 Words) 249
– Additional 100 Words 69
Instagram Feature 49

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Kingsley Griffin


Kingsley Griffin is a Marine Biologist and PhD candidate at The University of New South Wales. He is a scientific diver and underwater videographer with over two thousand dives of experience.

To get in touch with him directly email him at